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All aloneness arrives to creates space for transformation

Sometimes we have plans with others which change abruptly , and leave us with an unexpected space in or schedule . If we are tired or busy that is quite often a blessing and happens perfectly to allow us to either rest or get a task completed and like most of life's changes they align to serve us perfectly.

However sometimes this shift can catch us unaware and instead of realizing the gift we are hit with a wave of aloneness that is unexpected and can bring feelings of melancholy.

Normally this is triggered by our history of rejection and in an attempt to avoid this we can try to fill it by reaching out to other people , watching TV or some other distraction , yet if we do we might miss the opportunity that is arriving here .

When no matter what we do the space seems to not want to be filled, it is a sure sign that we are being given this reprieve for a specific reason. The alone time is when without distraction we can reflect on ourselves. Looking at what is coming up for us that makes us feel uncomfortable is the exact reason why this has happened. For it is only when we are willing to hold space for our own suppressed emotions and feelings that we can compassionately give ourselves the love and understanding that we have been missing. When we are willing to accept ourselves and allow the grieving, morning, or nervousness to be present without judgement or trying to change it , then we will see that the fear which held it suppressed was unwarranted and the freedom we feel once released brings us a lightness of being and a courageousness to be more vulnerable in the future.

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