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As we grow up we can start to adopt a mindset of responsibility that becomes a dominant force in our lives and creates a daily pressure to always be on top of our game and get our to do list achieved , to never be stressed or to not have an answer .This unrealistic expectation is not only overwhelming but does not allow for us to receive.

When we are willing to step out of this busy mindset , to stop and make space, to break our routine , we open up to the natural providence of nature , we remove the weight of our small you and allow the BIG U to support us in ways unexpected and quite often miraculous . We are so cared for and loved by our creator , the source of our bounty and the source of all are one and the same all we have to do is surrender and trust .

The magnificent mystery of life is awaiting us in those moments of confusion and overwhelm, we are being invited to stop and allow the unfolding of a new possibility, something that would have seemed foreign to us , a synchronicity will arise and not only will we feel such relief but also be filled with gratitude the greatest attractor of well being there is .

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