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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The perfect outcome is available when we stop limiting its expression with our fear

Once we have set a desire in motion the universe sets to work to bring about its perfect manifestation , aligned with the grander perspective of what feeling we wish to experience is at the root of that desire .

Yet quite often we limit its expression in our lives by thinking we have the knowledge to direct the outcome to meet our needs. What we can fail to realize is that quite often this direction is fueled by our own fears from the past and instead of a allowing the situation to play out we coerce the outcome and seek to exert too much control .

If we can drop this attempt to avoid disappointment or disaster and instead trust the alignment that the grander perspective of the BIG U can see from its elevated viewpoint , we can allow for unexpected outcomes to surprise us as they are free to unravel and manifest with our gratitude and excitement inviting in results beyond our expectations.

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