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To Open our heart to another is to open our heart to ourselves

To love another is the greatest gift we can give ourselves ,For in truth the other is simply a reflection of our own being and in loving them we open our hearts to allow the love we are to express through us and thus discover the truth of who we are.


When we are stuck in the “ small you “ mindset due to previous heartbreak, we can become guarded and closed down looking to find somebody worthy of opening our heart again but scared to lose them and feel the pain of rejection and loss. However when we close ourselves down we also close the true expression of our being from emanating through our existence and this creates stagnancy and depression.

It is time for us to “dare to care” once again, to realize that in opening our hearts and truly recognizing that love is felt in its expression, we open our being to the source of all abundance peace and prosperity. The Courageous soul is the one most willing to love All for all is merely a reflection of the many assets of oneself and shows up in our lives to recognize and fully appreciate the totality of who we are.

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