The cycle of rest is equally as important as the cycle of activity Most of the time our bodies are very energized and capable. We use them in our very active and busy lives , quite often taking this for granted. We expect them to always be available and resourceful. To use in whatever way we choose. But sometimes our bodies hit a wave of fatigue and this is a communication inviting us to surrender. So often when we are tired instead of allowing the natural downcycle to bring


DREAMS ARE COMMUNICATIONS FROM YOUR SOUL WRAPPED IN THE MEMORIES OF YOUR MIND When we are visited by dreams in our sleep that profoundly stay with us, like all things that are not immediately understandable by the mind , they are deep communications that can be interpreted by our heart. The mind can so often be confused, with many memories and images, and when we try to make sense of dreams in this way they seem to be surreal and illogical. However the soul is using images t


TRUST IN THE PERFECTION OF THIS MOMENT Sometimes we can let our plans get in the way of realizing the perfection of this very moment. We can get so busy planning ahead and worrying about the outcomes trying to ensure things work out how we want them , that we actually miss the fact that this very moment right now, everything is perfectly OK. When we are busy living in the future we are not present to the present. And when we live like this we miss the very gift, the present


When we allow ourselves to rest we reconnect and recharge from Source Many of us have a packed agenda of activity, constantly looking to be productive and complete a never ending ‘To Do’ list . So when we become tired or lack energy we can fight it with stimulation , caffeinated drinks or sugary foods, in order to keep going, yet we miss the essential gift that this phase of experience os offering us. When we don’t stop we slowly lose our connection to source on this treadmil


TO NOT FEEL LACK DON’T HOLD BACK One of the root causes of our distress in life is the belief in Lack . We feel we do not have enough of many things but ultimately At the core of this issue is the idea that we do not have enough love . At an early age we had an experience that Impacted us to such an extent that the overflowing source of our being, which is love seemed to be too much for others to handle. In whatever form this dynamic expression took we became shut down By ou


To Experience Love Express Love We do not need love for we are are Love . Everything is made up of energy , and although it is made up of many frequencies in the spectrum to give the variety that we perceive as the differences of existence, ultimately it is all one energy, and that energy is Love . In our own lives all of us feel the need for Love and at the core of all our motivations is the seeking of it . All our actions are driven to acquire it , yet no matter how hard w


Our ultimate creation is ourselves and it is a continuously evolving everyday Through out our lives we seem to be occupied with putting energy towards creating things on the outside , our careers , our Homes , our families yet ultimately all of these are external echoes of our greatest creation ourselves. However if we become so enamored with the exterior manifestations we can lose sight of this and start to spend more time focused on them than on what they are a reflection o


INSTEAD OF TRYING TO PROVE YOUR WORTH DISCOVER IT When we shut down our authentic expression , we use our own energy to hold back our true selves and exhausted are unable to know our true worth . We block the flow of our divine source and instead try to prove our value by our actions. We have created a spiral of depletion that has us seek outside ourselves that which we possess within us . Whatever we seemingly gain from without will never fulfill us. Each day we need to rai

Opening New Doors

When one door is closed to us a better one will open When in life the way ahead seems Closed to us we can feel indignant and challenged. We believe that out Freedom is being blocked And can feel called to rise up against this suppression. However The question also arises how can this be serving us?. If we are willing to look carefully we can ask why this diversion has appeared on our path and instead of insisting on continuing the way we feel we have to, we can stop and look


Compassion works both ways for when we shut someone out we shut ourselves down When we feel challenged by another, on some level we are feeling attacked and so our first reaction is to defend ourselves . We close the gate , pull up the drawbridge and shut them out in an attempt to protect ourselves. However this reaction is not serving us for the when we choose to shut another out we inadvertently shut ourselves down . We make a prison of ourselves in order to keep ourselves


AS WE FREE OTHERS FROM OUR IDEALS WE ALSO FREE OURSELVES Many of us hold people up to very high ideals, and when they do not live up to them we feel quite just in judging them and often making defamatory comments about there nature. And look for support from others to back up these judgments and justify this behavior. The trouble with this is that it creates exclusion, and when we exclude others we separate ourselves from aspects of our own identity. In holding others to high


WHEN WE BOW TO THE GREATER POWER WITHIN WE ARE ADORNED WITH THE CROWN OF ABUNDANCE. Many of us believe that power Is something that we have to generate , and that we have a limited reserve so we have to select what we use our energy on., otherwise we’ll exhaust our reserves and become depleted. Yet if we are aware we can realize Sometimes when we are doing an action that doesn’t inspire us, it can drain our energy more. Its as if we are driving a car and have our foot on the


When we open our hearts the riches cannot fail to flood out and bless everyone When we are feeling disconnected and wandering about our place and purpose in the world , it normally seems to be some external situation but ultimately it is because of one thing , we have closed our hearts . Our hearts where designed to be a mechanism for giving and when we close them we have to spend all our energy on holding back there fullness which is exhausting . Our hearts are the conduit


On a dark road you light the way by opening your heart When we are unsure about the way forward and the way ahead is not clear , we can become confused and uneasy about which way to proceed as we cant see clearly and are concerned about the unforeseen things that might arise unexpectedly in our path , often this can have us holding back and creating inertia as we are resistant to going the wrong way so we don’t move ahead at all . However this is precisely the time when we a


WHEN YOUR BODY IS COMMUNICATING IT WOULD BE BEST TO LISTEN Our body is a communication device . It is where all the energy that has been suppressed on a mental and emotional level is stored , until its frequency drops to that of the physical and at that stage it manifests as disease in the body . The reason it does this is so that it demands our attention for the messages that our intuition have been giving us which we have mentally ignored . The body interprets this message


All Cancellations are perfect adjustments to make space for realignment When we have cancellations happen or we are the ones who have to cancel for unexpected reasons , we can become irritated as our plans are being changed seemingly beyond our control and that can trigger a fear of an unwanted consequence. Yet what if these unforeseen changes where perfect adjustments changing the outcomes to be more in alignment with who you now are . When we make plans and arrangements the


Trust is built through total acceptance of what is and our willingness to make space for honesty to be revealed Trust is the corner stone of all relationships. Without it we are uneasy and unable to build understanding or agreement. Yet how do we build this essential aspect with our friends families and relationships. Quite often we mistakenly believe that to trust someone is for them to do what we want or what we need, but really the basis for trust is honesty. Rather than


TRANSFORMATION Each day is an opportunity to transform all that you are to all you can be. Many of us feel we know who we are we have lived many years and collected an idea of ourselves that we feel somewhat solid about, however whatever that may be and however pleased or unhappy we are about it by holding on to this form we can restrict our evolution. As useful as an identity is in each moment our attachment and pride in the achievement of its creation can blind us to the li


IT IS ONLY IN THE CENTER OF SELF THAT WE WILL FIND PEACE Although we might pursue so many goals in life for many reasons , the ultimate goal is peace . For it is only from the center of our being that we can stand grounded in trust and serenity and from here engage in the creation and adventure of our lives without trauma or fear . Our Self Center is the eye of the storm , where despite all the craziness of the distractions of our lives , we can choose to live from this place


OUR JUDGEMENT LIMITS OUR JOY We all have an internal judge that is busily working away on the agenda we ahave given it … to keep us safe !.. However this remit has become a dictatorship as it’s decided , much like external governments can , that it knows best how to keep us safe and that is to be overly protective to the point that we become iimprisoned in its dictates. Our Inner judge is an aspect of our ego , programmed by ourselves to cope with the unknown that we fear .I